Anti-Obamacare film premiering in Florida ahead of election

Alex Pappas | Political Reporter

The country’s largest tea party organization is premiering a new anti-Obamacare film this weekend in Florida — a critical swing state in next month’s presidential election.

“The Determinators,” produced by the Tea Party Patriots organization, is set to premiere Oct. 6 in Jupiter, Fla., according to the group.

The film is billed as exposing “the evils of the healthcare reform bill that many have forgotten since the bill was passed.”

“Our film exposes what the president and Obamacare supporters don’t want you to know: If the healthcare bill takes full effect, government bureaucrats — not individuals and doctors — will determine most facets of healthcare in this country,” said Jenny Beth Martin, a co-founder of Tea Party Patriots.

“We cannot let that happen,” she said.

Martin said the organization is aiming to host 2,000 home-viewing parties for the film across the country before the election.

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