Obama campaign: ‘Lady parts’ e-card promotion was not properly reviewed, has been removed

Caroline May | Reporter

An e-card posted on the Obama campaign’s Tumblr site urging women to vote based on their reproductive organs has been removed from the Obama-Biden campaign web page.

The card, featuring a graphic of a woman with the slogan “Vote like your lady parts depend on it,” followed by text reading “Because they kinda do” and “Really though,” was posted Tuesday.

An Obama campaign official explained to The Daily Caller that the post was taken down because it had not been properly reviewed.

“We have a review process for our online content and this piece did not go through our regular review,” the campaign official wrote in an email. “When it was discovered, it was taken down.”

The link to the Web page now leads to an Obama-Biden page reading: “The URL you requested could not be found.”

Obama Biden Tumblr Obama Biden error page

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