Rush Limbaugh: Ohioans hate John Elway

Matt K. Lewis | Senior Contributor

As you probably heard, former Denver Broncos star quarterback John Elway endorsed Mitt Romney, just in time for tomorrow night’s debate in Denver.

This is mostly a positive thing. But on Tuesday, Rush Limbaugh noted that Ohioans hate the former Super Bowl MVP for something that happened 25 years ago in an AFC championship game against the Cleveland Browns.

It’s called The Drive — and basically involves Elway taking his team 98 yards to score a game-tying touchdown, with just seconds left on the clock (ultimately depriving the Browns of going to the Super Bowl.)

As everyone knows, people take football seriously — and Romney simply must win Ohio. Thus, Limbaugh predicted the media would pick up on this rivalry, and make it the story. And a few of my followers on Twitter agree that it could still resonate:

But not everyone agrees.

“Rush has overestimated the lingering enmity for Elway in Ohio, says former Ohio Secretary of State Ken Blackwell. “Speaking for the southeasetern section of Ohio, we are caught up in the euphoria of the Bengals 3-and-1 season, and won’t get caught up in hating on Elway for sins past,” he assures me.

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