Granholm on her DNC speech: ‘I was high on democracy’

Last month at the Democratic National Convention, for better or for worse former Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm gave a boisterous speech that left some of her audience wondering if she might have been on something.

But in an appearance on “CNN Newsroom” Wednesday, Granholm said it wasn’t on any medication or even Red Bull. Instead, she claimed she was “high on democracy.”

“I did not have any Red Bull,” Granholm said. “I was not — I didn’t have any medication. I was high on democracy.”

The Canadian-born former governor, now a host on Al Gore’s Current TV, explained it as something that built upon itself.

“It was such a surprise because normally, you have been to these conventions, you speak and the crowd is out there milling about, and the people in the back tell you, ‘Don’t worry, they won’t pay attention to you. Just talk to the people at home,’” Granholm said.

She continued: “So I sort of expected that that’s what would happen, and when they started to have a sort of call and response, it was — and they tell you because we were really late — keep going, keep going because you don’t want to take any time. So I start yelling over the crowd. And at one point, which you just showed, they were so loud I had to stop, and they started chanting ‘USA.’ Anyway, it was a hoot, I’ll just say that.”

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