Limbaugh: Obama ‘came off worse’ against Romney than he did against Clint Eastwood

Jeff Poor | Media Reporter

The accolades are still coming for Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney’s debate performance on Wednesday night, the latest from conservative talker Rush Limbaugh.

On his Thursday show, Limbaugh compared President Barack Obama’s showing on Wednesday to the “empty chair” skit put on by Clint Eastwood in Tampa, Fla. at the Republican National Convention. According to Limbaugh, Obama fared better there than he did in the debate.

“You know ladies and gentlemen, Obama came off even worse in his debate with Romney last night than he did in his debate with Clint Eastwood,” Limbaugh said. “And that’s saying something.”

Limbaugh went as far as to say that it was one of the “best debate performances” not just of recent memory, but of his entire life.

“What did we learn last night?” Limbaugh continued. “I mean, we really learned a lot. This was one of the best debate performances in my life. I know people are saying the last [30] years — that would take us back to 1980, and Reagan was awesome.  But this was awesome from start to finish, particularly measured against fears and expectations. It couldn’t have been any better — maybe, I mean, I had a couple of nitpicks. I would have liked to have heard my taxes are going to get cut, too. I wish at the end, he had just gone in there and continued to nail the guy, but he went nice.”

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