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Leaders with Ginni Thomas: Scott Taylor, OPSEC

Scott Taylor is a former Navy SEAL and the president of Special Operations OPSEC Education Fund.

Taylor and his group, which is composed largely of former special operations warriors and retired members of the intelligence community, are speaking out this election cycle because they think the Obama administration is putting American lives in danger through intelligence leaks.

Taylor spent eight-and-a-half years with SEAL teams, serving in Iraq, South America and Central America. He is now a security consultant.

As head of OPSEC, Taylor helped put together a short Internet film, “Dishonorable Discharge,” which has registered over 4.3 million views to date.

The Daily Caller’s Ginni Thomas recently spoke with Taylor about his organization, his new film and his critics.

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How would you assess President Obama’s foreign policy and the attacks on our embassies on 9/11?

Why did you create and market the video, “Dishonorable Discharge”?

What are the practical implications of national security leaks?

Your reaction to General Dempsey’s criticism of your efforts?

Reaction to Sen. John Kerry calling your efforts the reincarnated “swift-boating” technique against President Obama?

Haven’t there been leaks from every administration?

Why do you object to the Obama administration working with Hollywood on a film about the bin Laden killing, and how does that relate to the Libyan attack on our embassy on Sept. 11?

What ran through your mind when you heard President Obama has been missing intelligence briefings?

Why did you guys set up OPSEC?

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