‘Friday Night Lights’ describes vitriolic reaction by liberals, friends after endorsing Mitt Romney

“Friday Night Lights” author Buzz Bissinger explained on Sunday’s broadcast of  CNN’s”Reliable Sources” that his Daily Beast column endorsing Mitt Romney, published last week, prompted a firestorm of rage and contempt from liberals.

“I would say between the Daily Beast comments, Twitter comments, Facebook comments … I ran about 6-1 against,” Bissinger said. “And it wasn’t just, you know, ‘I disagree’ with you. It was the f-word, it was ‘you’re a baby killer.’ It was even friends, among friends it wasn’t as vitriolic. It was this sense of, ‘How dare you, you’re traitor. You’re a writer. You’re a journalist. How can you possibly come out in favor of this man.'”

Bissinger told host Howard Kurtz, who is the Washington bureau chief at The Daily Beast, that the reactions to his column convinced him that there is a liberal bias in the media.

“There’s no doubt in my mind there’s a definite liberal bias in the mainstream media. You take out Fox [News] and MSNBC, which is staked at the right and the left, there is a liberal bias. You are simply not expected, when you’re a journalist and a writer, to endorse a Republican. And don’t tell me it does not seep into the coverage. I mean, you look at The New York Times, you look at their editorial today on Afghanistan, you would feel it’s the Republicans’ fault we’re still there, but that’s Obama’s decision. It does seep in.”

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