Watch Michelle Obama break the debate rules by applauding


She’s the one in the lovely pink dress at the 19-second mark:

From the debate rules: “All members of the debate audience will be instructed by the moderator before the debate goes on the air and by the moderator after the debate goes on the air not to applaud, speak, or otherwise participate in the debate by any means other than by silent observation, except as provided by the agreed upon rules of the October 16 town hall debate.”

Well, it’s only a rule. Since when do rules apply to the Obamas?

Crowley has now walked back her assertion. But the important thing is that she made the First Lady happy. The important thing is that she followed the first rule of any good debate moderator: debate the Republican.

(Hat tip: Jeff Poor)


Update: American Crossroads notes that 9 days after the attack, Jay Carney admitted that the Obama administration hadn’t called Benghazi a terrorist act.

Update: Bryan Preston points out that Crowley didn’t question Obama’s ridiculous claim that low gas prices are a sign of economic collapse. But then, why would she? It’s not like she knows any better.

Update: Bizarre coincidence: Democrats get more time in all three debates. Yeah, but Obama needs that extra time to stutter and go, “Uh, uh, uhhhhhh.”

Update: It just keeps getting better. Two weeks ago, Candy Crowley called BS on David Axelrod when he claimed Obama attributed Benghazi to terrorists all along, instead of that stupid YouTube video. Yet somehow she got it wrong last night, just when Romney was telling the truth to Obama’s face. Then, after the debate was over, she admitted she got it wrong. And now she’s insisting she didn’t admit she got it wrong. I submit to you, Dear Reader, that Candy Crowley is not a very good journalist.

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