Fat cats in tiny places [SLIDESHOW]

Cats are always sticking their heads in places where they don’t belong.

These cats, unfortunately, are too rotund to get out of them. Looks like Garfield isn’t the only one who needs to lay off the lasagna.

Click an image below for larger version.
  • He's still trying to get inside after hearing the can opener click three hours ago.
  • He fits as long as he never, ever exhales.
  • Did you know that soda is the leading cause of obesity among middle-aged felines?
  • Once this cat finds the genie, his first wish will be liposuction.
  • Almost made it!  So close -- so few packages of Whiskas away.
  • No, kitty, this is not how you has cheezburger!
  • We all know what this guy's New Year's resolution will be come January.
  • Silly kitty, this is what happens when you keep reaching for the ice cream!
  • Countdown to bucket tipping over in 5...4...3...
  • This cat is assuming the yoga position "brownie," conincidentally, also his favorite food.

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