Newspapers refuse to refer to the Washington Redskins by their official name

The Washington City Paper has officially decided to call the Washington Redskins football team the “Washington Pigskins,” ostensibly because some consider the term ‘Redskins’ to be an offensive term for Native Americans.

The outlet held an online poll to “rename” the team, giving voters five different options to replace ‘Redskins.’ The choice was between the Washington Bammas, Washington Monuments, Washington Half-Smokes, Washington Pigskins, and the Washington Washingtons.

In Nov. 2010, the City Paper published an article entitled, “The Cranky Redskins Fan’s Guide to Dan Snyder,” which centered on what the paper called the failings of Redskins owner Dan Snyder.┬áSynder sued the paper the following February, but dropped the lawsuit in Sept. 2011.

The City Paper isn’t the first publication to take aim at the Redskins. The Kansas City Star also decided to avoid using the term ‘Redskins’ in print to refer to the team.

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