The most punchable faces in media, part II [SLIDESHOW]

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Taylor Bigler
Entertainment Editor

Punchable faces — they are all around us. Apparently, Friday’s list of the top 10 most punchable faces in media simply wasn’t enough.

By popular demand, here are more pundits readers said they would like the opportunity to take a swing at. This really could go on for weeks, but hopefully this final list will quell most of the violent urges out there. (RELATED: The most punchable faces in media, part I)

[Ed. note: This is a completely arbitrary, non-scientific list based on the mere punchability of media pundits' and journalists' faces. It's nothing personal.]

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  • MSNBC host Chris Hayes
  • MSNBC's Ed Schultz has definitely taken -- and probably given -- some punches in his day.
  • Politico.com's Dylan Byers, because Dylan Byers.
  • BuzzFeed's Ben Smith, because he can't just have a monopoly on ALL the cat slideshows.
  • ABC's George Stephanopoulos has been cruisin' for a bruisin' for decades now.
  • Come on, now. Who DOESN'T want to punch HBO's Bill Maher. Be serious.
  • Keith Olbermann was by far and away deemed the most punchable.
  • Some of you wanted to punch liberal FNC commentator Alan Colmes, others of you deemed Sean Hannity punchable. Here's two for the price of one.
  • Don't even pretend like you wouldn't want to sock Chris Cuomo of ABC News.

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