Ten adorable animals that can give you rabies [SLIDESHOW]

Look, it’s natural to want to pet the baby bunny that pops up in your garden, or try and catch a cute little squirrel in the park.

But don’t do it! Resist the urge. SAVE YOURSELVES.

These cute little critters are all potential carriers of rabies — and they are all around us. One of these silent/adorable killers is probably even in your neighborhood right now. Watch out.

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  • What is cuter, a baby squirrel or a baby chipmunk? Answer: neither! They could both have rabies.
  • Yes, we all want a baby chipmunk to keep in our pocket all day long. But don't do it, because your boss might get mad and you could get rabies.
  • Domestically raised rabbits usually don't come with rabies, but wild ones certainly do. So try to resist picking these guys up if you see them in your backyard.
  • This mouse is tiny and adorable and will also climb into your cereal and eat it and then maybe bite you and give you rabies! Don't play with these frequent house guests.
  • There is one main reason that you shouldn't have a skunk as a pet -- because, you know, of the smell. But skunks are also common carriers of rabies.
  • These kissing foxes probably just infected each other with rabies. But they look super cute doing it.
  • Have you ever seen a grown coyote up close? They are absolutely terrifying. But this baby coyote looks so adorable that it might not grow up to maul your terrier or give it rabies. But it also might.
  • This baby bobcat looks totally harmless, right? WRONG. It is extremely susceptible to rabies and also killing domestic pets and sometimes people.
  • Who WOULDN'T want a baby mountain lion? Look how cute it is! But when it gets much bigger than that, it can either eat you and/ or give you rabies. Sorry!

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