Need a sexy Halloween costume? Kim Kardashian can help [SLIDESHOW]

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Ah, Halloween. The only time of the year women can legally walk the streets looking like prostitutes.

Need a last-minute, gratuitously risque Halloween costume? Not to worry! Kim Kardashian is here to help. The reality star loves revealing Halloween costumes more than she loves professional athletes, which is really saying a lot.

Each year around this time, Kim goes out in public in various states of undress (the only reason this is atypical from any other time of year is because she doesn’t usually dress up as an outdated Batman villain in March) because “Halloween is one of [her] favorite times of the year!!!”

With the use of the tiniest bit of imagination, you, too can make just about anything slutty — and Kim here gives the ladies PLENTY of inspiration to dress as Slutty Disney Princess, Slutty Fairy Tale Character, Slutty Superhero OR Slutty Superhero Villain.

Basically, all you need to do is take a noun — any noun — and put the adjective “slutty” in front of it, and your options are endless. Check out Kim’s binder (topical!) full of costumes and see if yours gets her slutty stamp of approval.

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  • Sexy Flapper Girl is a time-honored tradition. (Pro tip: Only super nerds go as "Star Wars." This is definitely NOT an appropriately slutty choice.)
  • Wonder Woman's costume was always revealing, but there is always opportunity for more cleavage and thigh, as Kim demonstrates here.
  • Why not take a childhood fairy tale character and sluttify it? It's totally normal and not perverse at all!
  • Pirates were generally unclean and disgusting thieves, but that shouldn't stop you from dressing as a slutty pirate wench.
  • Take a Disney princess, any Disney princess, and find about a yard of material in the same color as your chosen princess' costume, cut it in half and cover only the parts you are legally required to.
  • Kim is sexy cheetah, and so can you!
  • "Alice in Wonderland's" Queen of Hearts is homicidal and terrifying, but not for Kim -- and neither for you.
  • Because nothing says, "I'm hip to pop culture" like dressing as a sluttier version of a 14-year-old Batman villainess.
  • BONUS PHOTO featuring former N'Syncer Lance Bass, for old time's sake.

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