Obama at campaign stop in Florida: ‘Where’s my plan?’ [VIDEO]

Alex Pappas | Political Reporter

While campaigning in Florida on Thursday, President Obama had some trouble talking about his plan for a second term when his new booklet outlining his agenda fell off the podium.

“So I ask you to compare my plan to Governor Romney’s plan. See which plan — where’s my plan? — oh, it dropped — I couldn’t find my plan. There it is,” Obama said to laughter from the crowd, as he picked the booklet off the ground behind the podium.

“Now, this is the same plan that’s on the website,” he continued. “And you should look and see which plan is better for you. It’s got details in here about how we can move the country forward.”

Since Obama released his 20-page agenda this week, Republicans have been mocking it. Romney adviser Kevin Madden called it a “glossy panic button.”

“With two weeks left, President Obama is kicking off yet another campaign tour and touting his 20-page brochure that he’s calling an agenda,” Romney spokeswoman Andrea Saul said.

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