Drunk neighbor zapped with Taser after trying to scale Tom Cruise’s fence (video)

Poor Tom Cruise.  With Katie Holmes awarded sole custody of their daughter, he can’t get Suri to come over to his house. And now he can’t keep drunk neighbors away from it.

E! Online reports that at 9:35 p.m Sunday night, Cruise’s security guard noticed an intoxicated man trying to scale Cruise’s fence, and in response, shot him with a stun gun. Although police arrived to arrest the intruder, he had to be taken to a hospital first to be treated for injuries.

Beverly Hills Police Department confirmed that the trespasser was Jason Sullivan, Cruise’s neighbor, and suggested his drunken state may be responsible for confusing Sullivan into entering the wrong property.

Sullivan should consider himself lucky.  Earlier this year, LL Cool J broke the nose and jaw of a burglar who had intruded his home, and a judge just sentenced a man to 18 months in prison for trespassing on Miley Cyrus’ property.

Cruise and his family weren’t home at the time and are all reportedly in safe condition.

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