‘Practicing Catholic’ Biden makes a play for Catholic vote in new campaign ad [VIDEO]

Caroline May | Reporter

The Obama campaign has released a new ad appealing to Catholic voters featuring Vice President Joe Biden explaining that President Obama’s policies fit with Catholic doctrine.

“As a practicing Catholic like many of you, I was raised in a household where there was absolutely no distinction between the values my mom and dad drilled into us and what I learned from the nuns and priests who educated me,” Biden says in the ad, first highlighted by The Washington Examiner. “We call it Catholic social doctrine: what ever you do to the least of these you do for me.”

“I’m here to tell you that President Obama shares those values,” Biden continues. “You heard him say it time and again, ‘We are our brother’s keeper. We are our sister’s keeper.’ And he means it.’”

In the ad, Biden touts Obamacare, access to higher education, “building the economy from the middle out,” lifting “the cloud of deportation over one million children of immigrant parents,” advocating higher taxes for the wealthy and permanent middle class tax cuts as a manifestation of those values.

“Folks, the choice in this election couldn’t be more clear. We can stand with the president or sit back and see someone in office who really does believe 47 percent of the American people are not prepared to take responsibility for themselves,” Biden adds, going on to encourage people to visit Catholics.BarackObama.com.

In the ad, Biden does not broach the topic of abortion or the HHS contraception mandate that has resulted in numerous lawsuits from Catholic organizations across the country.


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