Hurricane Sandy pummels New York City [SLIDESHOW]

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Although the worst of Hurricane Sandy is over, millions of residents along the Atlantic seaboard will now deal with the storm’s aftermath.

Businesses, schools, public transportation and even the federal government remained closed on Tuesday as government officials and citizens alike began to cope with storm damage.

At least 15 deaths have been attributed to Sandy — seven in the New York region, according to the Associated Press.

New Jersey and New York were hit the hardest. Although Sandy had been downgraded to a “superstorm” once it made landfall, storm surges along beaches and boardwalks caused extreme flooding and other damage.

Water came over the seawall in Manhattan’s Financial District, causing cars to float down streets, the New York Times reports.

The backup generator at the NYU Langone Medical Center failed, and first-responders were tasked with evacuating patients to other hospitals amid the pummeling wind and rain.

Lower Manhattan lost power Monday night, with nothing but the glow of the Empire State Building illuminating that portion of the city. Over half-a-million people in New York City remain without power as of early Tuesday morning.

Here are some scenes from the damage to New York City from Hurricane Sandy:



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