First world problems: Hurricane Sandy edition [SLIDESHOW]

Hurricane Sandy left over 50 Americans dead and millions without power. Severe flooding and uprooted trees caused major traffic accidents and public transportation delays. Some cities, like New York City, still have no working subway system. Homes were destroyed, fires started and people trapped.

At the same time, some people took to Twitter and Facebook to complain about their slight inconveniences. Here’s a look at some of the best (and most recent) of White Whine — a Tumblr account dedicated to documenting First World problems.

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  • You can still leave your house without tax-funded wheels, darling.
  • The Price is Right? Really?
  • Lame. Guess we can't play Frankenstorm drinking games. 
What kind of office stocks alcohol anyway? Oh wait...
  • Okay, this complaint is actually pretty understandable. Sadly. Come on, who doesn't love pumpkin spice flavoring and coffee?
  • Don't worry, Lauren, I'm sure Macy's will issue you a personal apology soon.
  • That is your greatest concern? Really?
  • There's a devastating hurricane that's destroying homes and totaling cars but I only have expensive candles and the scents don't mingle quite right #fmylife
  • Not Tempur-Pedic? Not okay.
  • I know the federal government shut down and airplanes were grounded, but how can they not mail me my package during this historic hurricane? Somebody's going to hear from me.
  • Dear Hurricane Sandy: how dare you touch my hot tub cover?! Go back to flattening houses, please. Thanks.

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