Gary Johnson hopes media experiences ‘pants-down phenomenon’ on Election Day

Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson, who initially entered the race as a Republican during the primaries, spoke with The Daily Caller on Monday about why voters should support him and what he’d most like to hear from each major candidate.

Recent polls have shown Johnson’s popularity hovering at six percent nationally, with small but significant support in swing states like Ohio, Colorado and Virginia that might be enough to influence the outcome of the race. (OPINION: Why I’m wasting my vote on Gary Johnson)

Johnson recently sued the Commission on Presidential Debates, alleging antitrust violations because he was excluded from each of the three nationally televised presidential debates. That lawsuit is still pending.

How is Gary Johnson doing the day before Election Day?

There’s a lot of apprehension on my part, because how well are we gonna do? Two days ago, CNN comes out with a poll, and they have me at 5.6 percent. And it’s a big poll. … [My assistant] and I are walking through the Detroit airport, and there’s [another] big poll: Obama 50, Romney 48. But we look it up, and sure enough, when Gary Johnson’s name is included, I have six points. No one’s including my name. It’s a big, big question mark.

Do you think, after Election Day, people are going to be talking about your influence on the race and asking why the media didn’t cover your campaign more?

I hope so. I hope it’s a big pants-down phenomenon.

If you were in a position where you could shout a question to Mitt Romney and Barack Obama in the Rose Garden, and they had to answer it, what would it be?

Romney — the question I would want to ask, and this is obvious, is HOW DO YOU BALANCE THE BUDGET AND HOLD MEDICAID INTACT, AND INCREASE SPENDING FOR THE MILITARY? I would maintain that’s not possible. And yet, with a straight face, he consistently says that.


The question I have for Obama, is I think everything he says … everything that comes out of Obama’s mouth, I can’t disagree with it. I can’t disagree with anything he says. With a straight face, he’ll still say balancing the budget is important. Categorically, he’s right on. But the reality of his governing is 180 degrees from what comes out of his mouth. And I’m talking about on the civil liberties side, you know, gay rights — he’s as militaristic a president as we’ve ever had. He’s said some really favorable things on the drug war. Who was to believe he was going to shut down medical marijuana facilities? So I guess a specific question, with that as a preface. You know, everything that you say, versus what you do — they’re like 180 degrees, and in the case of medical marijuana, a specific promise to not crack down on medical marijuana facilities where legislatures votes to implement those programs — specifically, President Obama, WHY ARE YOU SHUTTING DOWN FACILITIES IN COLORADO AND CALIFORNIA WHEN YOU EXPLICITLY PROMISED NOT TO DO THAT?