Gross: A blow up Justin Bieber sex doll exists (for now)

Taylor Bigler | Entertainment Editor

If seeing photos of Justin Bieber (who is 18 but looks 13) shirtless or kissing his girlfriend Selena Gomez makes you feel like you are doing something illegal, then this will seriously creep you out.

But if you’ve been waiting to get the pop star in the sack — which is a physically and morally painful phrase to type out — why not purchase a sex doll that looks just like him? Now you can, thanks to some sick minds that created the “Just-iN Beaver” blow up sex doll.

The product description reads, “Finally 18 and ready to rock your world” and “I wanna be your boy toy.” There’s also something about taking off his skinny jeans, plus more disgusting phrases that The Daily Caller won’t even print.

Pipedream Products in California created the doll to accommodate both male and female, um, fans, Canada’s Sun News Network reports.

The package (Get it? PACKAGE?) that the doll comes in never mentions Bieber by name, but the bro on the cover wears a douchey sideways hat, as the real Biebs is wont to do.

Pipedream tried a similar approach with a Miley Cyrus sex doll before it was swiftly pulled from the market, but the company’s other creepy take-offs — including “J.Ho,” “Lindsay Blowhan” and “Katy Pervy” — are still available online. Yes, we checked.

Using the unlicensed likeness of a celebrity is illegal, though, so Just-iN Beaver might have a short shelf-life. Hopefully.

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