Casey re-elected to Senate in Pennsylvania

CNN has projected Democratic Sen. Bob Casey the winner of the Pennsylvania Senate race.

Casey has been the favorite since the beginning of the race. But recent polls gave Republicans hope, with Casey’s opponent, Republican Tom Smith, gaining ground.

The senator is a member of a political dynasty in Pennsylvania – he is the son of former Gov. Bob Casey, Sr.

Democrats had remained bullish for Casey’s chances, dismissing those polls.

This will be Casey’s second term in the Senate.

“Tonight’s results are great for Pennsylvanians and the country,” said Senator Patty Murray, Chair of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. “It’s clear Pennsylvania voters saw through the avalanche of negative attacks and reelected Senator Casey because he is exactly the type of strong advocate they need in the Senate. Senator Casey has spent his career standing up for middle class families and against the special interests. I am honored to continue working alongside Senator Casey in the years to come.”

Smith, a political neophyte, conceded the race.

“My congratulations tonight goes to Senator Casey,” said Smith in a statement. “While we disagree on some things, we both care deeply for this country and believe America’s best days are ahead of her.”

“My family and I are humbled and grateful for the support of millions of Pennsylvanians. And though we fell short tonight, we will continue to advocate for the principles of limited government, fiscal responsibility and individual liberty,” Smith said.

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