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I repeat: Bill Clinton knows exactly what he’s doing

Courtesy of Gregg Re, here’s ol’ Billy in Philly yesterday. The relevant bit is at about the 45-second mark:

“Now, who wants a president who knowingly, repeatedly tells you something that he knows is not true?”

Okay, Bill Clinton isn’t under any illusions here. He knows everybody thinks he’s a liar, and he knows they’re right. Not to say that he cares, or has a conscience about it, or anything as silly as that. But he knows the Lewinsky mess (pardon the expression) overshadowed everything else he did as president, and he knows that’s what everybody is thinking when they hear him call Romney a liar.


“I did not. Have. Sexual. Relations with that woman. Miss Lewinsky.” If you’re a liberal, you may push it aside into that increasingly crowded corner of your mind where you put all the unhelpful truths that keep cluttering your path to Utopia. But Clinton put it there for you to deal with. He put it there to trip you up. To dispirit you. To give you second thoughts, even if you can’t acknowledge them.

This is just another in a long line of Bill Clinton “gaffes” that are anything but. Every pat on the back hides a stiletto. Every shot at Romney is designed to ricochet right back. The old goat knows exactly that he’s saying. He knows exactly who it hurts.

Bill Clinton wants Obama to lose. And he’s so good at this, he can throw himself under the bus without ever letting go of the wheel.