Eight patriotic cats to remind us all that we’re still American [SLIDESHOW]

While the entire country seems completely engrossed in partisan bickering, one key demographic has remained unified in its love for America: cats.

We could all learn a valuable lesson from these patriots: Sometimes it’s best to forget about red state versus blue state politics, and don the stars and stripes like our Founding Felines intended.

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  • Uncle Sam never looked better - or furrier, anyway.
  • She's the spokesperson for the think tank Cats for a Better America.
  • Bet you don't have cats this adorable, CANADA!
  • He's raising his voice for lower taxes and fiscal responsibility!
  • Garfield for President, Heathcliff for VP!
  • Can we all personally thank Betsy Ross for allowing this photo to happen?
  • This kitty is thinking about running for Speaker of the Mouse.
  • Purrrrrrrrrrresidential cat will save America!

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