Matt Lewis

Ex-Rep. John Shadegg to GOP: Don’t go squishy, but do embrace Hispanics

During an exclusive interview with The Daily Caller, former Arizona Rep. John Shadegg cautioned Republicans against abandoning conservatism, but also scolded the GOP for turning off Hispanic voters.

“I think the election shows not a rejection of conservative philosophy, but rather that the campaign we ran — and the candidate we fielded — were not up to the task,” said Shadegg, whose father ran Barry Goldwater’s failed, but inspirational, presidential campaign in 1964.

But while Shadegg hasn’t lost faith in conservatism, the former Arizona Congressman was quick to chide Republicans for their immigration rhetoric.

“I have long been of the position that the extremists in the [Republican] Party on the issue of illegal aliens are doing damage,” he said. “Their rhetoric is doing damage.”

“I personally believe that Hispanics are not a threat to America,” he continued. “They believe in strong families. They are religious. They honor women. And they work hard.”

“If you want to worry about a threat from foreigners,” Shadegg averred, “go worry about radical Muslims.”