Obama won by about as many votes as Omaha has people


If you’re feeling down in the dumps about Obama’s “mandate” (no, not you, Reggie), Jim Geraghty at National Review has a helpful bit of perspective:

On Wednesday, I added up Obama’s margin in a few key states, to get a sense of just how agonizingly short the Romney campaign finished from 270 electoral votes.

Some of those straggling precincts have reported, and so here is an updated set of numbers, according to the results this morning on the New York Times’ results map:

Florida: 73,858

Ohio: 103,481

Virginia: 115,910

Colorado: 113,099

Those four states, with a collective margin of 406,348 for Obama, add up to 69 electoral votes. Had Romney won 407,000 or so additional votes in the right proportion in those states, he would have 275 electoral votes.

He didn’t, of course, so he lost. They outmaneuvered him. All the lies and all the talk about Big Bird and birth control paid off. But it’s just funny how a few short years ago, the left wanted to do away with the Electoral College because it kept them from getting what they wanted. Now they think it’s the best thing ever. Now they think it’s the reason you should shut up and do what they say. Even though, going by the Electoral College that they suddenly love, Obama only won by the population of Omaha.

Come on, you guys, let’s work together with the Democrats. Just like the Democrats worked together with us in 2000.

And 2004.

And 2010.

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