Denver TV station airs vulgar/hilarious doctored photo of Broadwell’s book

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Taylor Bigler
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As the Gen. David Petraeus sex scandal unfolds, it only keeps getting more and more confusing. So it’s understandable that a news organization may get their facts wrong here and there while reporting the developing story.

But no news organization has made an error as glaring/hilarious as KMGH-ABC Denver.

During a segment about the affair, the station aired a doctored photo of Paula Broadwell’s book about her mentor/ “lover” called “All Up in My Snatch”, AmericaBLOG first noted. This is, of course, not the title of the book and it is actually called “All In: The Education of David Petraeus.”

When contacted by the Weekly Standard, the news desk confirmed that it ran the incorrect photo saying, “It was a mistake.”

Looking for a job in the Denver area? One may be opening up at KMGH very soon.


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