Out of their league: 20 high-profile, ugly men who scored exponentially hotter women

As the nation continues to reel from the shocking news of former CIA Director David Petraeus’ sex scandal, The Daily Caller has been taken aback by something even more surprising: the fact that he managed to get with such a pretty girl in the first place.

The scary — or promising, depending how you look at it — part is, beautiful women apparently flock to high-powered ugly men en masse. From the Hollywood red carpet to the NFL football field, attractive women keep partnering with their much less attractive male counterparts, resulting in oddly entertaining pairings for us all to enjoy.

How these frightful men snagged such beautiful bombshells, the world may never know. Bring on the beauty and the beasts!

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  • Rest in peace Anna Nicole Smith and J Howard Marshall. May you be mismatched in heaven.
  • It can be hard for brunette actresses to stand out against Hollywood blonds, but Catherine Zeta-Jones undoubtedly holds her own on the red carpet. So why, then, did the classic beauty marry Michael Douglas? Who knows, but older men everywhere should rejoice that they might have a chance with a woman remotely as hot as Zeta-Jones.
  • "For every 'he' there's a 'she'" couldn't be more true.  Even Marilyn Manson married a beauty!
  • Hugh Hefner.  Obviously.
  • Given their mismatching beauty, is it really any surprise the JLo and Marc Antony's marriage ended in divorce?
  • Carmella Decesare, what are you doing with semi-retired quarterback Jeff Garcia?  There are hotter men in the NFL!
  • Marin Akerman is a knockout Swedish blond, but for some inexplicable reason, she married Italian rock drummer Roberto Zincone.  She grew up in Canada, so it must be something to do with that.
  • Emmy Rossum is the star of many movies, and currently leads in a show called Shameless. Apparently that lack of shame has entered her personal life, as she married a 1990s washout who STILL wears dreadlocks.
  • Anna Faris married Chris Pratt in 2009.  It's her second marriage; you think she would have learned better from the first.
  • Christina Hendricks apparently goes for the smart, nerdy type.
  • Dennis Kucinich and wife Elizabeth. Is there a more ringing endorsement to run for Democratic office?
  • No, that's not Mary Kate's dad.  It's her boyfriend Oliver Sarkozy.
  • Salman Rushdie and Indian model Padma Lakshmi were married for about three years.  This should inspire men across America to start writing controversial novels about life in South Asia.
  • Granted, they're animated. And fictional. But still, Lois Griffin is WAY hotter than Peter. He should be counting his blessings at the local Quahog church on a regular and consistent basis.
  • Their marriage may have just gone up in flames, but Heidi Klum and Seal were married for seven years, which is probably a record for celebrity marriages. Seal allegedly had explosive anger problems, but some speculate that Klum finally realized how much hotter she was than him.
  • Julia Roberts smiles next to her former husband Lyle Lovett.  Luckily the "Runaway Bride" ended up running away and marrying Daniel Moder.
  • Who is Griffin Guess?  Nobody really knows, but he certainly isn't worthy of swimsuit model Marisa Miller.
  • Remember that time when Scarlett Johansson, the Greek goddess of beauty, and Sean Penn were hooking up? It must have been her "creepy old man I met at a local bar" phase.
  • Hey!  Look what money can buy!
  • Brazilian supermodel and Victoria's Secret angel Adriana Lima poses with husband Marko Jaric. He must have an INSANELY good personality.