10 smokin’ hot, trained killers of the Israeli army [SLIDESHOW]

Sure, these women are required by law to serve in Israel’s Defense Forces. But they aren’t required to be super hot — that’s just a plus.

Meet the armed and dangerously sexy women the northeast side of the Gaza Strip.

Click an image below for larger version.
  • Gal can lounge seductively on a balcony in a silver bikini, or she can carry a semi-automatic weapon around.
  • You can't camouflage this soldier's good looks.
  • Machine gun? Check. Hot chick? Check.
  • Think this is just a hot chick standing in a hallway? WRONG. She's a trained killer. So, you know. Watch out.
  • Nivit here is able to pose in a range of positions, as well as kill people.
  • Yes, Nivit was really a trained Israeli soldier and not a trained supermodel.
  • Yarden here is trained in the art of Krav Maga AND posing in binding-yet-revealing bikinis. That's talent.
  • Yeah, she can kick your ass. You'd like it.
  • She can jump out of an airplane without so much as getting her makeup smeared. That takes skill.
  • This isn't the normal IDF uniform, but Natalie here makes it work. (Maxim photo)

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