The story of Thanksgiving, as told by cute animals in costumes [SLIDESHOW]

It wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without hearing the tale of the pilgrims and Native Americans coming together in peace.

But since you’ve heard that story a million times, here is the Thanksgiving story as told by cute animals in costumes. It’s a shame they don’t teach it TheDC way in schools.

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  • When we are finally in a food coma, we take a cat nap. The End.
  • And eat pie and make turkeys with the outlines of our hands.
  • But now we all paws to celebrate what we are thankful for every November.
  • But unfortunately, not everyone was over the CATastrophe that year. What a bad cattitude.
  • And turkey of course. (Tofurkey was provided for all the lame vegetarians.)
  • They ate corndogs...
  • The pilgrims decided to to throw a party with all their new friends.
  • The Native Americans taught the pilgrims how to catch mice, so they wouldn't starve.
  • After peeing all over their new territory, the pilgrims finally made new friends with the Indians, the wampadogs. (After smelling their butts first of course).
  • The poor pilgrims were starving without kibble or treats. They were begging like dogs!
  • Many moons and too many pooper scoopers later, they finally landed on Plymouth Rock. But it was winter and their fur coats were not enough to keep them warm!
  • So they boarded the Mayflower hoping they weren't barking up the wrong sea. All paws on deck!
  • Once upon a time, the pilgrims ran away from England, because this kitty King of England wouldn't let them prey on a mouse or was it pray in a house?

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