Secret ‘alias’ account was available on EPA chief Lisa Jackson’s computers

Screenshots from sources show that the profile of the secret “alias” email account allegedly used by EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson was loaded on three computers under her name, as well as the computers of other agency employees within the Office of the Administrator.

“This is a complete link between the Windsor email address and Jackson,” a source with direct knowledge of the agency said in an email.

Last week, The Daily Caller News Foundation reported that Jackson was allegedly using a secret “alias” email account under the name “Richard Windsor.” On Monday, The DCNF confirmed that the Windsor account was in use, citing an email released by a liberal group from earlier this year.

EPA employees use the email system Lotus Notes, and require a local client to be installed on their computers for access. (RELATED: EPA chief’s secret email alias revealed)

The bottom of the above screenshot shows that the software for “Richard Windsor” has been put onto Jackson’s computer number “02,” number “04,” and number “05.”

“The ones containing ‘LJACKS04’ and ‘LJACKS02’ probably refer to two different computers associated with Lisa Jackson,” a source said. However, the email software was also installed on other computers as well. The same goes for number “05.”

Jackson probably “wants to be able to access Richard’s entire email system, which includes a bunch of stuff, not just emails,” said the source. “It includes calendars, certain web pages, and any compilations that folks used Lotus to build.”

However, other personal computers are listed on the screenshot, including one for “ADICKER” — possibly EPA employee Aaron Dickerson, who works in the Office of the Administrator. Another computer listed is “RBLAIR,” which could belong to contractor Rosalie Blair, the source says.

Another computer listed is “GSTROMAN,” which could belong to EPA staff assistant Gladys Stroman, who works in the Office of the Administrator.

According to the source, the computer listed as “‘MDSADMINPC’ is probably a contract tech person with access so they can fix problems (broken down, the name probably means MDS = Managed Desktop Services, ADMIN = computer system Administrator, PC = desktop PC).”

The screenshot also indicates when Lotus Notes was last updated on each computer, with the last update for a computer under Jackson’s name being “01/19/2012.”

However, a source noted that “It doesn’t help in knowing whether the Richard Windsor email address was created on that date, just that Lotus Notes was installed on that date.”