Gingrich 2016? Newt may be open to running again

Alexis Levinson | Political Reporter

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich is open to running for president in 2016, according to the Naples News.

“I have no idea at this stage,” Gingrich said, referring to the possibility of running again, at a Sunday book signing in Naples, Fla. with his wife Callista. The 2012 contender added that the possibility of another presidential bid was not off the table.

But before talk of 2016 begins, he said, Republicans, must do a “very serious analysis” of what went wrong this past cycle, when Republicans lost the presidency, as well as seats in the Senate and the House.

A prolific author, Gingrich said that he would do some of that analysis with a book on the 2012 race, which is due out next summer.

He told the Naples News that the party needed to “modernize and adapt” instead of dwelling on Mitt Romney’s flaws as a candidate and blaming him for the loss.

“Republicans have to stop and take a deep breath,” he said.

He urged a “practical solution” on immigration and said Democrats and Republicans needed to “slow down and listen to each other.”

On the fiscal cliff negotiations, Gingrich suggested Republicans should stand firm.

“No deal is better than a terrible deal,” he said.

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