MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough wonders, ‘Why are liberals still so angry on the Twitter?’

On his Monday broadcast, MSNBC “Morning Joe” host attempted to understand a phenomenon that not only plagues his network’s primetime lineup, but apparently his Twitter account as well: Why are liberals “angry” after winning the White House again and holding on to control of the U.S. Senate?

Scarborough explained his difficulty with this question, after he was apparently exposed to it over the weekend on Twitter, where he said he was going to talk about football.

“People are crazy,” Scarborough said. “I went on the Twitter this weekend. I did. And this is what I don’t understand. John Heilemann, I’ve got the Google, too, on the Internet. I went on the Twitter just to talk football. Man that machine — can I just tell you? This is what I don’t get. Maybe you can help me because you hang out with these people while you’re in the opium dens across the greater Manhattan area. Why are liberals still so angry on the Twitter?”

Scarborough said this reaction to the election is one thing that differentiates conservatives from liberals, which he added had no effect on him personally.

“I say, you won. If I were you guys and I won, I’d be, like, having a beer. They’re so —  they are angry about everything. Like they won. It’s like they don’t understand like when conservatives win, we go hunting and drink beer. And know we’re going to control at the same time, the country for four years. The liberals on the Twitter, on my machine, are so angry. And it doesn’t bother me. I feel sorry for them.”

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