10 cute animals that are not ready for Christmas [SLIDESHOW]

Christmas just keeps getting earlier and earlier every year, doesn’t it?

Thanksgiving was just one week ago, and there are still leftovers in the fridge, but Christmas trees, music and sparkly lights are already popping up. These cute animals ARE NOT having it.

Sure, they may look adorable in all these Santa hats, but they are not pleased about it — not one bit.

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  • This cat and dog can agree on one thing: It's too early for Santa hats.
  • This lab is actually Jewish.
  • This cat in a Santa hat is not pleased.
  • "You guys couldn't have waited until December to put up the Christmas tree? Come on."
  • Look at this cocker spaniel! He's already wrapped and it's not even December.
  • Oof. Holly jolly, this pug is not.
  • See, even this kitten thinks it's too early for everything red and striped.
  • Sure, this cute cat might look pretty, but she is not down with the Santa hat. At least not yet.
  • Even this impressionable young kitten is cynical about this stocking being hung so early.
  • This guy is not happy with whoever put him up to this.

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