10 cats who just do not give a f#@k [SLIDESHOW]

A certain amount of attitude makes anyone seem cool. Don’t these cats know it.

While some pets live to please their owners, these fiery felines simply have better things to do. Check out ten “cool cats” who do not care what any human thinks of them!

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  • Yeah, I'm busy.  You get the mouse.
  • This is Axl Rose's spirit animal.  He is way too badass to deal with any of your "litter box" nonsense.
  • Yup.  Countless pieces of furniture in this house, but I'll feel free to sit here.
  • Liverpool United?  Tottenham Hotspur?  Yeah, I don't really care about your 'football' match.  You can pause your televised game for me.  Thanks.
  • I was tired and I love Meow Mix, ok?!
  • 200 feet up and comfortable as can be.  Deal with it.
  • Oh no you did-n't!
  • Leave me alone, A-Coop.  I just want to eat a cheezburger.
  • I'm sorry.  Were you trying to use this?
  • I say pah to your 'fiscal cliff'!  I've got all the cash I need right here.

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