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Elizabeth Warren needs heap more wampum

To the victor go the spoils. Unless she’s spent ’em already, and then some.

According to the Boston Globe, Warren is still dancing to make it rain cash:

Elizabeth Warren raised a whopping $42 million for her Senate race — more than any other congressional candidate in the country. Yet the noted scholar on the root causes of debt and bankruptcy made a surprising admission on Wednesday: she needs a little help paying her bills.

In an e-mail to supporters, the senator-elect from Massachusetts revealed that her campaign is in debt and asked for donations to help her out of the hole. Though she did not disclose the sum in her e-mail, a campaign official said Warren owes $400,000…

“Thousands more volunteers showed up — and that meant even more last-minute coffee and pizza,” Warren wrote, listing only that food and that beverage as the cause of the shortfall.

That’s a lot of coffee and pizza. No wonder Warren’s fans want Papa John’s to start operating at a loss.

But here’s the capper:

Warren is also considered a preeminent scholar on why families and businesses go broke. Her books include “All Your Worth,” a guide to managing household finances, and “As We Forgive Our Debtors,” a study of the American middle class.

And yet here she is: Stands With A Debt.

(Hat tip: William Jacobson)