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San Diego, Calif. — Whether it’s a U.S. soldier engaged on a distant battlefield, a police officer grappling with a suspect on the street or a civilian defending his home, combat-tested equipment is essential in a fight for life. The 2013 Winter/Spring GUNS Combat provides informative reviews on the gear that could make the difference in a contentious situation.

“One of the best ways to prevail in a combat situation is to have the appropriate gear and know how to use it effectively,” says Sammy Reese, Editor of FMG Publications’ Special Editions. “This GUNS Special Edition highlights the importance of firearms, knives and equipment in combat and offers useful insight to our readers.”

Innovations in body armor technology have led to a trickle-down effect in the past decade, making it more accessible and affordable for police officers and civilians than ever before. Reviewing the fit and function of two body armor systems, contributing editor Jacob Herman provides an informative take on this largely untouched topic.

“Armor shouldn’t be kept in the locker, it needs to be with you,” advises Herman. “Practice getting armored up quickly, driving and shooting all with the full kit on. Being able to take a hit and stay in the fight could make the difference between going home at the end of the day or not.”

Looking for a rifle that combines the best of the AR and AK platforms? SIG SAUER’s 556 SWAT Patrol rifle manages to take the best of each platform to produce an accomplished, multipurpose rifle suited for combat anywhere. This rifle left a lasting impression on contributing editor Todd Burgreen.

“Any department, individual officer or security-conscience civilian looking for an LE patrol carbine will instantly appreciate the SIG556 SWAT Patrol rifle,” says Burgreen. “A certain satisfaction will be gained by knowing the SIG556’s heritage and how it incorporates and enhances features from both the AR and AK.”

This GUNS Special Edition covers a variety of other topics relating to combat, including a look at “martial fitness” and why it’s important, how MasterPiece Arms is leading the resurgence of the MAC-10, the versatility of Under Armour’s battle-ready gear and the latest trends in tactical knives and tools.

The Winter/Spring 2013 issue of GUNS Combat includes the colossal 128-page 2013 Buyer’s Guide. This comprehensive catalog features hundreds of products ranging from all types of handguns and long guns, to knives, lights and lasers — making the Buyer’s Guide an invaluable resource.


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