10 life-changing geniuses more deserving of the Nobel Prize than Europe [SLIDESHOW]

The Nobel Committee awarded its iconic Peace Prize to the European Union in Oslo, Norway on Monday.  That’s right: Europe won the Noble Peace Prize.

While the continent does seem like a nice place to live, SERIOUSLY?  The Nobel Prize?  There are countless forward-thinking, groundbreaking innovators who did more to make our lives better than the EU ever did.

Here are 10.

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  • The woman who "flour bombed" Kim Kardashian, for trying to do something about the reality TV travesty, while the rest of us were complacent to sit back and let it happen.
  • This stylish monkey found outside a Toronto-area Ikea, for inspiring primates everywhere to know that fashion knows no species bounds.
  • Jionni LaValle, who is engaged to be married to Snooki, deserves a Nobel Prize for single-handedly stopping the spread of gonorrhea in the U.S.
  • This Yo Gabba Gabba rock star.
  • The most interesting man in the world.  For obvious reasons.
  • Whoever created this website:
  • Sir Richard Branson is a millionaire badass with a humanitarian side and a British accent.  All of the awards.
  • Glen Bell opened his first Taco Bell in 1962, and as a result, we get to feast like kings on a shoestring budget.  If that doesn't warrant a Nobel Prize, nothing does.
  • Because he makes the entire world feel good about ourselves, because we're not him.
  • Teresa Franzia founded the Franzia Wine Company in 1906, and since then, America has had the extreme fortune of being able to buy a 5-liter box of wine with a spigot that can be inserted directly into one's mouth!  All for less than $10!  And how genius of an idea was it to put the wine in a big for easy transport and to play "Slapping the Bag?"  Also, it was Franzia that the University of Tennessee student used when "butt chugging" alcohol earlier this year, and how great was that news story?

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