GOP congressman says Exxon Mobil ‘not very serious’ about carbon tax

Just one day after it was reported that Michigan Republican Rep. and House energy and commerce committee chairman Fred Upton said oil company Exxon Mobil was not “very serious” about promoting a federal carbon tax, the company declared it would not support a carbon tax if “the policy objective is to raise revenue.”

“I don’t think it is a very serious effort on their part,” Upton told Fox News. “We’re going to do our very best to make sure that this is not a mole that pops up again.”

On Tuesday, Politico reported that Exxon said it didn’t support implementing a carbon tax as a revenue-raising measure to help avoid the fiscal cliff. Instead, the company emphasized that it would only advocate a carbon tax as a way to address climate change.

“If the policy objective is to raise revenue, it’s not on the table,” said Ken Cohen, the company’s vice president of public and government affairs. “If the policy objective is to put a cost on the use of carbon to discourage its use, then we believe that a revenue-neutral carbon tax should be very much on the table.”