Mark Levin: Politicians pushing gun control agenda immediately ‘are a disgrace’ [AUDIO]

Jeff Poor | Media Reporter

On his Friday radio program, Mark Levin honored the 28 children and adults killed in the Sandy Hook shooting massacre, but also sharply condemned elected officials who have used the occasion to call for increased gun control legislation.

Levin specifically targeted New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Boston Mayor Thomas Menino, who each called on President Barack Obama to focus on gun control in the wake of the shooting.

“Let me tell you who I don’t want to salute, and I have to address this,” Levin said. “It’s extremely distasteful, but I have to address it. We have Mike Bloomberg, the mayor of New York, [saying] ‘Obama must take immediate action against guns.’ The mayor of Boston — ‘Time for national policy on guns.’ We have national policies on guns. We have state policies on guns. We have local policies on guns.”

The conservative talker said Bloomberg and Menino really have more sweeping legislation in mind. (RELATED AUDIO: Limbaugh warns liberals, media will blame conservatives for massacre)

“What they really mean is take away guns,” Levin charged. “And by the way, not just hand guns, but rifles and every other type of weapon. This is the default position every single time something happens in this country with the left. This is the default position: Attack liberty, attack the individual. There may be 100 million firearms, rifles and so forth in this country or a 100 million gun owners in this country.”

“I’ve talked about this before — not a single gun was used on 9/11,” he added. “Not a single gun was used at the Oklahoma City bombing. If there is evil, we need to figure out how to deal with it as best we can. But we cannot eliminate it. … Empowering government more and more and more to punish free individuals, the overwhelming majority of whom are law-abiding, is not the answer. It’s never the answer.”

Levin added that the politicians are wrong to so quickly move to politicize the tragedy.

“These politicians who start to immediately, immediately — the bodies haven’t even been removed from the school — to push their agenda are a disgrace,” he added.

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