TheDC’s favorite celebrity scandals of 2012 [SLIDESHOW]

From Demi Moore’s whip-it induced breakdown to Lindsay Lohan’s laundry list of legal woes and Kate Middleton’s toplessness, here are The Daily Caller’s favorite celebrity scandals of 2012.*

[*Editor’s note: Number five is my personal favorite. I  just can’t get over that one, even after all these months. I still feel betrayed, confused and angry, even though I do not and will never personally know any of the parties involved.]

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  • By far, the juiciest celebrity scandal came in July when Kristen Stewart was photographed by a sleazy paparazzo making out with her married "Snow White and the Huntsman" director (who is not the same person as her longtime boyfriend Robert Pattinson.) She's basically been in hiding ever since, with the exception of some contractual agreements. But the sheer stupidity of the affair (in broad daylight, no less) and the fact that she was caught red-handed was just the juiciest scandal of them all this year.
  • Ah, Rihanna. After a year of posting photos of her drinking and smoking weed on her Twitter and Instagram accounts, the pop star finally did the craziest thing of all when she shared this cozy snap of she and woman-beater Chris Brown who appear to be very much back together, which is a super great idea considering he sent her to the hospital in 2009 by repeatedly slamming her head into a car door. You nabbed yourself a winner there, Rihanna!
  • Prince Harry is no stranger to scandal since the time he dressed as a Nazi for Halloween when he was a teenager and it was splashed across the British tabloids. This time, the royal was having some good old fashioned -- albeit naked -- fun when he was photographed playing nude billiards in Las Vegas. The photos went viral, and about a million terrible puns about "the royal jewels" were made into awful headlines.
  • What HASN'T Lindsay Lohan done this year? Sure, she tried to get her career back on track by filming three (presumably awful) movies, but any of her professional work was overshadowed by her legal and personal woes, which includes but is not limited to: getting kicked out of the Chateau Marmont, having her bank accounts seized by the IRS, getting arrested for hitting a nightclub patron, hitting a pedestrian with a car, totaling a rented Porsche and violating probation. Whew.
  • Is it Chris Brown's fault he is an asshole? While we may never know the answer, we know one thing is for certain: He is most certainly an asshat. The pop singer dressed as member of the Taliban for Halloween, then got into a disgusting Twitter altercation with a female comedian in which he threatened to "shit in [her] eye." Oh, he also reportedly got back together with Rihanna even though he beat her up in 2009. Ugh. How do we as a society get rid of this guy?
  • Amanda Bynes was once a sweet actress who seemed to make a smooth transition from child star to adult celebrity. But then she was arrested in April of this year for a DUI and things slowly spiraled downward ever since for Bynes. In October, her car was impounded after driving repeatedly without a license and there were reports about her bizarre behavior, including locking herself in dressing rooms and taking off her shirt in the middle of a gym class.
  • Demi Moore ended 2011 on a rough note by separating from her husband of five years, noted douche bag Ashton Kutcher. So she went a little wild, did some whip-its and ended up in the hospital in January. She was treated at a rehab center and released in April. She remained low key until December, when she was seen making out with a 26-year-old and dancing totally soberly at in Miami.

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