Joe Biden has dementia, Chris Brown and Rihanna will get engaged and other 2013 predictions [SLIDESHOW]

Blair Robertson, a “psychic” who incorrectly predicted that the GOP would win the presidential election and that Jennifer Aniston would get married this year, shared his 2013 predictions.

“I call it ‘time projected empathy,’ [we call it bullshit] where I imagine myself reading the headlines in the future,” Robertson said. “I remember the future.”

Essentially, Robertson makes very broad generalizations — “This year will see the passing of a much-loved and great comedienne/actress” — crosses his fingers and hopes he is right. It’s a numbers game, you see, and there are lots of old actresses out there and one of them is sure to kick the bucket. (To be fair, Robertson did correctly predict Kate Middleton’s pregnancy and the fact that the Euro would drop below $1.25 by the end of May.)

Let’s take a look at some of Robertson’s more ridiculous predictions for 2013.

Until 2013 …

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  • Finally, his most poignant prediction of them all: "I predict that the world will not end in 2013. I stake my professional reputation on that. If wrong, I will stop issuing predictions." So if and only if the world ends (and by that definition) you will be dead, you will stop issuing dumb predictions? Great!
  • Let's all hope he is correct that there will be a "major breast cancer breakthrough."
  • Let's all hope Robertson is wrong about the fashionable return of men's mesh shirts.
  • There will be a hurricane in Florida in the fall. OH, REALLY? Good one! It's not as if that doesn't happen nearly every single year.
  • Joe Biden will announce he's been seeking treatment for senile dementia. If true, that certainly would explain a lot.
  • A boxer will die in the ring soon. What a novel prediction! Because boxing isn't dangerous AT ALL. It would have been way better had he predicted a ballet dancer would die on stage or something far less plausible.

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