David Arquette: Congress should consider regulating ammunition in films [VIDEO]

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Hollywood actor David Arquette said he would support President Barack Obama and Congress regulating the depiction of ammunition in Hollywood films.

“Hey, listen, if you want to restrict the amount of bullets that fit in a magazine and then restrict that also from being able to show that amount of bullets in a clip on a movie screen, I’m totally down with it. Go for it,” Arquette told TheDC on Inauguration Day.

President Obama did not mention the entertainment industry when speaking about his executive actions on gun control last week.

“I’m an actor, so you know, I’m sort of — I’m a worker for hire. I’ve done things in movies and shot guns and all this. I don’t shoot guns in my real life, but you know, I’m also providing a service,” said Arquette.

“I wish I was in a position to be able to say, you know what, I don’t want to do that, because there’s a gun involved, and I don’t believe in guns, but I’m an actor, and I need to work.”

Arquette added that he believes in both gun control and “people’s right to have a gun.”

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