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Remember: Guns are bad and must be kept away from children

Including Sasha and Malia Obama. No, make that especially Sasha and Malia. Whose children are more important that those of the leader of the free world?

You can still sign the petition to keep President Barack Obama‘s children safe from evil, evil guns by banning armed guards from the White House and making it a gun-free zone. You know, just like all the gun-free zones that have kept Americans safe for years, except the ones that haven’t.

The petition has already reached the 25,000 signatures needed for an official response (the 100,000 limit is only for new petitions), but you can still make “your voice in the government” heard by signing now.

Guns don’t keep people safe. Do the math: More guns = more gun crimes. People don’t kill people, guns kill people.

Help keep the First Family safe. Unless you hate children?