15 celebrities with fake names [SLIDESHOW]

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Here at The Daily Caller, we ask each other probing questions on an hourly basis. Thursday’s topic of conversation was no different.

The news that talk show host “Geraldo Rivera” is considering entering the New Jersey Senate race got us thinking: Will he be able to run with the name everyone knows him by, or the one on his birth certificate?

This question incited another conversation about other celebrities with fake identities. You might be surprised by how many beloved/hated celebrities have aliases.

Here are 15 celebrities with the names you know them by — and their real names.

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  • Sorry, Demi Moore, but the secret that your name is really Demetria Guynes has been out for a few decades.
  • We're not quite sure which name is better -- Declan McManus or Elvis Costello.
  • Changing your name from Amanda Lee Rogers to Portia de Rossi seems like something Lindsay Bluth would do.
  • Technically, rapper/singer Shaggy wasn't lying when he sang, "It Wasn't Me." It could have easily been his alter-ego, Orville Richard Burrell.
  • Most people probably didn't actually think that P!nk is P!nk's real name. Just in case you did, her real name is actually Alecia Moore.
  • Reginald Kenneth Dwight isn't nearly as catchy as Elton John.
  • Elizabeth Woodbridge Grant tried out the stage name Lizzie Grant before she landed on the more exotic Lana Del Rey.
  • Legendary folk singer Bob Dylan changed his last name from Zimmerman to Dylan after his favorite poet, Dylan Thomas. (It turns out you do retain some things you learned in college English lit class.)
  • We would shorten our name to Meg Ryan, too, if our real name was Margaret Mary Emily Anne Hyra. Who needs four first names?
  • We're not quite sure why anyone would change their name FROM their birth name of Albert Einstein, but actor Albert Brooks did just that. He should change it back.
  • Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson doesn't quite have the ring to it as Katy Perry does.
  • Ralph Lauren sounds way smoother than Ralph Lifshitz.
  • Jon Stewart took some liberties in changing his name from Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz.
  • Gerald Riviera swapped some vowels around to form Geraldo Rivera.

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