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Fox News is the reason nobody likes Al Gore, you guys

You’d think that a guy who managed to sell a channel nobody watched and got $100 million for it wouldn’t still be so whiny. But then he wouldn’t be the President of the Environment, would he?

The other night Al Gore appeared with the only man on earth who’s more boring than he is, Charlie Rose, at the 92nd Street Y in New York. It was just the two of them sitting there talking, and yet people actually went to see it. Courtesy of the Right Scoop, here’s a bit of the transcript where Al explains why people think he’s a sad, bloated joke of a man:

ROSE: Why do you think [Obama] was cautious in the first four years?

GORE: Because…

ROSE: … he is a cautious man?

GORE: I think it has been a pretty hostile environment for progressive ideas.

ROSE: And why is that? That you’re saying it’s a very hostile environment for progressive ideas because of the importance of money in corporations or…

GORE: And Fox News and the right-wing talk radio. And yeah I mean, it’s not that complicated. In Tennessee there’s an old saying if you see a turtle on a fence post you can be pretty sure it didn’t get there by itself. And the fact that we have 24/7 propaganda masquerading as news, it does have an impact.

Noah Rothman has the audio:

I didn’t really catch the stuff about “false equivalence,” but presumably it’s an equivalence that Al Gore doesn’t like, which means it’s false. The important thing is that he’s finally explained one of life’s great mysteries: Everybody thinks Al Gore is a tedious boob because Roger Ailes put a turtle on a fence post.