Top 10: Greatest Super Bowl commercials of the past 30 years [VIDEO]

Taylor Bigler | Entertainment Editor

Just about the only time people watch commercials these days rather than fast-forward through them is during the Super Bowl.

Advertisers bring their A-game for these incredibly expensive 30-second spots — and for good reason: People remember really awesome Super Bowl commercials.

Here are the 10 greatest Super Bowl ads of the past three decades. Have another favorite? Share it with us in the comments below.


10. Apple’s 1984 Super Bowl commercial, aptly entitled “1984” and directed by Ridley Scott, is widely considered to be one of the greatest ads of all time by people who know stuff about ads.

9. Tide’s 2008 talking stain commercial gets points for not using any catchy pop songs or dancing animals or talking babies.

8. This 2006 EDS commercial may not make a lot of sense, and you might still be wondering what exactly they are advertising, but it involves herding cats, so we’re sold.

7. Dogs fetching beer is an awesome phenomenon, and Bud Light’s take on it is pretty funny.

6. Will Ferrell as Jackie Moon in this 2008 Bud Light commercial is pure gold. 

5. Volkswagen did it again in 2012 with its ad featuring a pudgy dog that really wants to get in shape to fit through the doggie door.

4. This Reebok commercial starring fictional linebacker Terry Tate is one of the more successfully humorous Super Bowl ads. Give us an “Office Space” reference any day.

3. Matthew Broderick reprised his “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” plot for a 2012 Honda commercial. The sendup of the classic 80’s movie has been viewed on YouTube over 16 million times, meaning the car company got plenty of bangs for its buck.

2. This heart-wrenching Budweiser tribute to New York City and the victims of 9/11 aired on TV just once, during the 2002 Super Bowl, proving that it’s possible for companies to have souls.

1. Volkswagen has some of the better commercials out there, and this 2011 Passat commercial is no exception. It definitely made millions of Americans say, “Awww.” It is the most-viewed Super Bowl commercial on YouTube, with over 56 million views.

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