Tagg Romney ‘considering a run’ for Senate in Massachusetts

Vince Coglianese | Editorial Director

UPDATE: ABC News reported Monday that Tagg Romney will not run for the Senate seat.

The Boston Herald reported Monday that Tagg Romney, eldest son of former Gov. Mitt Romney, is “considering a run in the special Senate election [in Massachusetts] now that Scott Brown has opted out.”

Under the headline, “Tagg, you’re it for GOP Senate hopes,” Herald writer Hillary Chabot reveals the news, though doesn’t source the tip to any particular person:

Calls for Romney, 42, to join in the short campaign to replace Secretary of State John F. Kerry have increased since the Herald first reported heavyweight Republicans are urging both Romney and his mother, Ann, to get in.

The eldest son of former governor and presidential candidate Mitt Romney already has statewide name recognition and could quickly ramp up the campaign infrastructure for a short, five-month race.

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