Coulter to Obama for suggesting gun-rights advocates don’t care about children: ‘Screw you’ [VIDEO]

Jeff Poor | Media Reporter

On Fox News Channel’s Monday broadcast of “Hannity,” conservative commentator Ann Coulter blasted President Barack Obama for vilifying gun-rights advocates in the aftermath of the deadly shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, saying the real focus should be on mental health.

“I really would like to concentrate on the lies on their side that are being repeated on the op-ed page of The New York Times, in the editorials of The New York Times,” she said. “. … We need the ACLU and the liberals who won’t do anything about the mentally ill to be serious about stopping these shootings. This kid who was kidnapped in Alabama and was just finally released today — that was a crazy man who took him. Everyone knew he was crazy.” (RELATED VIDEO: FBI raid frees child from kidnapper)

Coulter, author of “Mugged: Racial Demagoguery from the Seventies to Obama,” listed a variety of shooting tragedies she said were caused by mental illness, before dismissing some supposed solutions to the problem of gun violence.

“Everything they are telling you on what they can do about guns is a lie. The problem with universal background checks is we basically have universal background checks now. Any licensed gun dealer is performing a background check. … [U]niversal background checks mean universal registration. Universal registration means universal confiscation, universal extermination. … Do not fall for universal background checks.”

President Obama and other proponents of gun control are irresponsible for claiming the moral high ground on the issue, Coulter added.

“It’s that they must demonize people who are legal gun owners. And Obama, ‘Oh look at him, he cares about the children.’ Screw you — you think we don’t care about the children? You’re the one who won’t do anything about the mentally ill. Do you know mass murders have gone up astronomically in the last 30 years, since the de-institutional movement? This is as the homicide rate is going down. The homeless people have gone up. The mass shootings have gone up. The homicide rate has gone down. It is the mentally ill, and liberals won’t do anything about it because of their little friends at the ACLU.”

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