Brian Williams laughs as he watches his daughter’s sex scenes on ‘Girls’ with her [VIDEO]

If you’ve ever seen HBO’s “Girls” or have friends who watch “Girls” or have ever been on the Internet and read about “Girls,” you probably know that the controversial series features a plethora of nudity and painfully awkward sex scenes.

During those painfully awkward sex scenes, you may have even covered your eyes with your hands due to the complete inability to process all of the awkwardness.

But NBC Nightly News’ Brian Williams — whose daughter Allison stars on the series — doesn’t have that problem. Not only has he seen every one of his daughter’s sex scenes, he watches them WITH HER SITTING RIGHT NEXT TO HIM.

Allison told Anderson Cooper on Thursday that she watches every episode of “Girls” with her entire family.

“So far we’ve watched all of the episodes for the first time together,” she said, adding that her father is often “cracking up” at her sex scenes, which is totally normal and not weird at all.


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