Matt Lewis

Why we love drones, ctd

It’s hard to tell what’s going to catch on these days. I don’t get why saying you hate Twitter is significantly more buzz-worthy than saying Obama’s drone program gives us what we secretly want.

But it is.

That’s not to say that this drone theory hasn’t garnered some attention and feedback. Bill Scher and I discussed it this week on Bloggingheads.TV, and the audience seems to agree.

The comment thread is worth reading in its entirety. But this comment, I think, was truthful and telling:

This is unprecedented – both Bill & Matt are making some amount of sense on this intensely grey issue. Matt making sense at all is already front page news, but “Obama is giving us the war we want” rings exceedingly true to me. Killing terrorists without cruise missiles or ground troops is “the war I want”. And I do want it – I don’t want terrorism in the US. I’m not proud and I feel more and more guilty about every time I read one of Greenwald’s tweets (that would be, about every 45 seconds). But Matt has me dead to rights on this. If there’s a terrorist planning attacks on Americans, the least evil solution is to take him out with a drone. And yes, if it were Bush & Cheney doing it, I would be very suspicious that the reason given wasn’t the real reason. And yes, I do – possibly misguidedly – trust Obama not to do it for the wrong reason. And yes, I know that people I don’t trust will take advantage of the precedent he’s setting. See what I mean? Intensely grey. (Emphasis mine.)

Note: I’m not saying I’m the voice of my generation, just that I’m a voice of a generation…